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Eso Treasure Map Achievement

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Eso Treasure Map Achievement

as we all know, the loot from treasure chests is a chunk underwhelming. as a result, treasure maps are regularly bought for miniscule quantities or simply destroyed.

for my part, i love locating treasure maps, identifying the clues and digging up the chests. the loot is simply an advantage rare mood to me.

my thought

i recommend achievements tied to treasure maps be brought.

monitoring approach

Eso Treasure Map Achievement

a consumable and bound trophy coin is brought to the loot table of those treasure chests. ingesting the coin updates/completes the success. (this concept is based on the creature collectibles machine and is meant as a possible answer in case just beginning treasure chests isn’t always trackable.)

zone achievements:

these achievements are finished with the aid of locating and commencing all (non ce) treasure-map-treasures within a zone. instance under:

[Glenumbra Treasure Hunter]
  • locate all treasure map locations within glenumbra
  • 10 success factors

meta achievement subsets

these subsets are carried out through finishing all quarter achievements within an alliance’s territory. example underneath

[Covenant Treasure Hunter]
  • entire [Glenumbra Treasure Hunter]
  • entire [Stormhaven Treasure Hunter]
  • …
  • 50 fulfillment factors

to increase motivation and make the ultimate aim [Master Treasure Hunter] not seem so far away, i agree with in-among rewards are the way to move:

“whole one of the achievements underneath”

  • [Covenant Treasure Hunter]
  • [Dominion Treasure Hunter]
  • [Pact Treasure Hunter]
  • uncommon dye: [Treasure Hunter’s Copper]

“whole any of the achievements under”

  • [Covenant Treasure Hunter]
  • [Dominion Treasure Hunter]
  • [Pact Treasure Hunter]
  • unusual dye: [Treasure Hunter’s Silver]

meta fulfillment

that is carried out via finishing all quarter achievements and could provide a name and a rare dye:

[Master Treasure Hunter]
  • entire the “open 1’000 treasure chests” fulfillment
  • whole [Covenant Treasure Hunter]
  • entire [Dominion Treasure Hunter]
  • entire [Pact Treasure Hunter]
  • complete [Coldharbour Treasure Hunter]
  • entire [Cyrodiil Treasure Hunter]
  • 50 success factors
  • identify: [Master Treasure Hunter]
  • rare dye: [Treasure Hunter’s Gold]

much like is the case with the fishing fulfillment, i consider [Craglorn Treasure Hunter] should no longer be part of the [Master Treasure Hunter] meta achievement, but be its very own success that awards an unusual dye.

why i assume this will be a terrific concept:

if treasure map achievements are brought…

  • the motivation for searching down treasures increases
  • the marketplace fee of treasure maps shoots up
  • gamers can be enthusiastic about finding a treasure map
  • it is an easy manner to offer players extra to do
  • it’ll growth the incentive to explore all alliance territories
  • treasure maps being high fee gadgets will improve immersion and surroundings

i hope the community likes this concept and i am very interested by listening to your opinion on it.

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