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Coldharbour Treasure Map 3 Location

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Coldharbour Treasure Map 3 Location

Coldharbour Treasure Map 3 Location: Coldharbour treasure map iii is obtained randomly from looting or is offered from other players. to use it, you should have the map on your stock and also you should journey to the area. the map can be consumed whilst used.

bored with looking for that hidden treasure? nicely you have come to the right vicinity! we’ve were given all places for all treasure maps in the sport; simply locate your map variety below then click on the related photograph to peer exactly where to move.

Coldharbour Treasure Map 3 Location

a small incremental patch that fixes some combat-related problems, international boss each day quests, and a lingering mark of the trojan horse in battlegrounds

clockwork metropolis update sixteen: the bottom sport update introduces the rather-anticipated transmutation machine which allows you to exchange the traits in your tools, together with weapons and armors. we’ve also introduced a trait tracker as a way to will let you see whether or no longer you have researched the particular trait on an item. moreover, we’ve also made some of performance optimizations ensuing in higher body rate and shorter loading times.

Coldharbour Treasure Map 3 Location

an incremental patch that fixes the difficulty where eclipse, petrify, and rune jail couldn’t be forged towards a blocking goal
a fix to help with the difficulty where your character might get knocked via the arena in opposition to the uppercut potential
additionally included are a few crash fixes, quest issues, and greater

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