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Do not hesitate, this signal proves that the bull market wil

After the S&P 500 surged from its December low, investors are still wondering if the bull market has more room to rise.
However, AriWald, director of technical analysis at Oppenheimer, saw a signal that could prove the endurance of the rally.
AriWald said in the CNBC program "Trading Nation", "We are concerned about the breadth of the rebound. The breadth of this rebound is very significant. One measure of this is that the stock exchange on the New York Stock Exchange is above 200. The percentage of the moving average of the day."
He said that the number of stocks on the New York Stock Exchange that recently exceeded this long-term index exceeded 40%, setting a new high in four months. This is also the level when the market reached its peak in December last year.
He said that this indicator means that the situation is gradually improving. From a broader perspective, this indicator will gradually exceed 60%. This is the final confirmation of the uptrend.
Chantico Global CEO Gina Sanchez said that there is only one factor that determines the bull market's direction: the Fed. She said in the CNBC program "Trading Nation" that the current earnings data is still positive, but it will gradually slow down during the rest of the year. Therefore, I believe that the real support for the market is that the Fed is more lenient than expected.
In recent months, the Fed has been worried about the economic slowdown, and attitudes are gradually turning to doves. Recently, the Fed also said that it will be patient in formulating monetary policy.
Gina Sanchez said that in a period of strong economic growth, strong economic growth usually means high inflation, and inflationary pressures will lead to higher interest rates. For the rest of the year, we will not see rapid growth in interest rates, which is good for the stock market.