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Standard & Poor's: The risk of the US recession rises to

Standard & Poor's global rating raised its forecast for the risk of a US recession in the coming year on Wednesday, from 15-20% in November last year to 20-25%.
Beth Ann Bovino, chief US economist at Standard & Poor's, said in the report: "Whether the recession is coming... the growth rate of the world's largest economy may slow down."
S&P It said that since November, four of its 10 major short-term growth indicators have “weakened”. Two of the indicators, the S&P 500 index and the Fed loan survey, are completely negative.
But the good news is that although the chances of a recession may have risen, S&P believes that the current economic expansion cycle is likely to be the longest in US history, and it only needs to last until July. milestone.
Standard & Poor's also hinted that the possibility of a US recession may fall back in the coming months, thanks to the Fed's "more moderate" stance.