Wealth curve

HSI's gains expanded to 1.17%. Banking stocks and insurance

Hong Kong stocks HSI rose to 1.17%, HSCEI rose 1.47%, red chip index rose 1.09%, mainland banks and insurance stocks rose collectively, China Life Insurance (20.55, 0.79, 4.00%) rose 2.99% led Blue chip.
Agricultural stocks collectively higher, Modern Dairy (1.15, 0.06, 5.51%) rose more than 6%, First Tractor shares (2.12, 0.09, 4.43%) rose nearly 7%, Manor Ranch (6.35, 0.24, 3.93%) ) once rose more than 20%, Longhui International Holdings (0.133, 0.03, 33.00%) rose 48%. The Central Committee issued a document entitled "Several Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Adhering to the Priority of Agriculture and Rural Areas to Do a Good Job of "Three Rural Issues" by the Xinhua News Agency yesterday (19th). The document mentions the improvement of the agricultural support protection system, including the improvement of the minimum purchase price policy for rice and wheat, the improvement of corn and soybean producer subsidy policies, and the promotion of rice, wheat, corn full cost insurance and income insurance pilots.