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Danone Q4 earnings per share were lower than expected, reven

Danone (PA:DANO) released its fourth-quarter earnings report on Tuesday. The data showed that the company's revenue was higher than analysts' expectations, and earnings per share were lower than analysts' expectations.
In the latest earnings report released by the company, the company's earnings per share was €1.78, and the total revenue was €6.01B, while the previous survey of analysts by Investing.com showed that analysts expected the company's Revenue was €5.96B and earnings per share were €1.81.
In the same period last year, Danone’s revenue was €6.1B, while earnings per share were €1.72.
In addition, the company’s camp last quarter The receipt was €6.19B and the earnings per share was €-.
After the earnings report was released, Danone's share price fell 0.64% on the same day, trading around €65.49.
Since the beginning of this year, Danone's share price has fallen by 1.47%, which is lower than the 9.56% increase of STOXX 600 in the same period.
Before Danone announced its earnings report, there are still some US (non-cyclical) US stocks in this month. The company also announced its earnings report.
On February 7, L'Oreal released its fourth-quarter earnings report, with earnings per share of €3.04 and revenue of €7.07B. Wall Street's performance for the company is expected to be €3.04 per share and revenue of €6.93. B.
In addition, Pernod Ricard's performance report released on February 7 exceeded analysts' expectations. The data shows that the company's earnings per share is €3.85 and revenue is €2.8B. Previously, Investing.com's survey of analysts showed that analysts expect the company's earnings per share to be €3.67, revenue. For €2.87B.